Founded in 1968 in the heart of the hills of Vicenza, in northern Italy, an industrious and prosperous land by nature, Paterno today remains a well-known manufacturer of quality wood and pellet stoves.

Tradition and innovation, technological know-how and research go hand in the Paterno “family”.

This is a company where age-old and fundamental ideals and values – like collaboration, respect, and sharing – are nurtured on a daily basis. These same principles have become a consolidated point of reference and model to be emulated in our work.

Paterno is an environmentally friendly company. Choosing a Paterno stove means believing in renewable energy and demonstrating that all of us can make a contribution to safeguarding our planet. Wood is a primordial source of heat; pellets are 100% natural, obtained from the wood by-products with no chemical treatments. Paterno wood and pellet stoves exploit sources of natural energy that, during combustion, release negligible quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Providing our homes with wood or pellet heating systems contributes to the spread of an eco-sustainable concept and to energy savings.

With our mindful choice, we would like to educate people to respect and protect the environment and its resources. Because we truly believe that everyone can and must do their part.

Pob Tecnology

Micro gasification

The POB System trasforms the biomass through a process of thermo-chemical decomposition called micro-gasification, using the Syngas to obtain the energy needed for the process itself. The process of micro-gasification is based on 2 main phases:

1) Pyrolysis: biomass is converted into Syngas and Char. The Syngas produced feeds the flame, while char becomes a reagent for the next phase.

2) Gasification: the char produced from first phase is consequently converted into gas, that feeds the last phase of combustion with the typical blue flame.

The only solid residue of the entire process is a derisory quantity of ashes (less than the 1% of the starting load).

POB pyrolytic system is a patented technology that optimises the micro-gasification process making it completely free from smokes (also during start and shut down phases) stable and safe during operation, easy to use and extremely ecological and economical.